What Sets Us Apart?

1. We are truly passionate about making a difference in organisations and businesses across the world. None of us see working at NewLeaf International or in clients businesses as merely a career move to retirement or lifestyle choice


2. We have a unique approach in combining systems thinking, high levels of real facilitation and years of experience as successful senior managers

3. Our approach when working with clients is truly bespoke, of course based on solid experience and successes, however each piece of work with clients is unique to those situations. In business, logical and pedantic methods are the norm. However, we combine this with creativity and new thinking.

4. All of our consultants and staff work from strong ethics and the principles to do the right thing. We are not in business simply to make money, the income in the business is merely a output of the quality of work we strive to do with our clients

5. Working relationships with our clients is of paramount importance to us. We like to think we bring a unique approach but clients are very much experts in their field so working to improve partnerships with our clients is extremely effective in producing transformational change and sustained business improvement