Part Four of our series The Principles of Implementing Transformational Change. 'Leaders must Lead Behaviours'

It’s been well proven that most employees in some shape or form copy their bosses.

Having worked in many large organisations helping to support Transformational Change, it is evident beyond doubt that the culture in those businesses is driven by the behaviour of its leaders and mimicked by most of the organisation.

Leadership behaviours, whether conscious or otherwise give very clear messages to employees about what is and what is not acceptable in organisations. Even down to small details.

Some years ago I was intrigued when new senior bosses from another continent arrived in a large organisation I was employed in. They didn’t wear ties and before long most of their peers and immediate managers stopped wearing ties too! This was a very simple example that reinforced the theory!

When we embark on a change programme we always ensure that part of any programme is working with leaders to help them sponsor the programme and demonstrate the appropriate behaviours.

The diagram above shows the way we include senior people in change programmes. The bulk of the change is driven by the middle managers (the Reds) who we involve in workshops and “in the business” activities.

But, we also spend time with seniors (the Greens) who sponsor projects led by the Reds and then meet in their own peer group on a regular basis to develop effective methods based upon real time learning from sponsoring. An output from these sessions is to reinforce the appropriate direction and support and also address issues that potentially prevent effective change and improvement. All the behaviours the workforce crave from a leader.

One of the tools we use to help coach aligned senior leaders in this process is the “NewLeaf International 3Es”.

The 3Es are; Envisioning, Enabling and Energising. The three important things we want Leaders to do in a change programme.

The table below shows the 3Es and the behaviours required to demonstrate them.

If you are interested in learning more about the 3Es or some of our leadership approaches, don’t hesitate to contact us for an informal chat.

Martin Gummery, Managing Director, New Leaf International Ltd.

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