Simple Models Make it So Much Easier to Understand...

“A picture tells a thousand…!”


In a recent programme with Senior Managers in the Finance Industry, we facilitated work sessions to construct a strategy for continuous improvement within a certain part of their business.

Everyone gave great input into how the business should involve people in delivering initiatives, developing themselves and delivering business needs and continually reviewing improvement.

However, taking a “linear approach” this would just be a written document, at best a series of bullet points. Through facilitation however, with a systems thinking philosophy, the concept came alive when the input was transferred into an integrated process and drawn as a model.

The model shown is the very first draft of the work, where the key components came together and made sense to everyone concerned. All done in an hour….

The “coming alive” of the model gave clarity of where different roles fitted and where it is integrated into other people and management systems within the business. Although not complete, the diagram above is the draft for illustration. Of course it’s not the finished work, but more work to be done, but an example of how it moves the process on quickly.