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Successful business with three separate sites required a more effective management operating system for alignment of business objectives and day to day activities

How We Helped

Together with the senior management group we development the process below. The model shows the supporting processes required for the business to support the successful implementation of structured projects. Chartered Projects come from various situations in the business and this model assumes that the NewLeaf International OGSM process is driving projects from agreed Strategies at various levels of the business.

The model is split into three main components:

·         The “task based” activities required to deliver the project – the spine of the model (In red)

·         The “infrastructure” required in the business to support the project leaders and their teams. Usually, these activities are led by the managers sponsoring the projects. (The blue boxes)

·         The “capability” elements are the processes that ensure that the right people are leading the right projects and that they are developed during the course of the delivery of the project. (In green)

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