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Manufacturing continuous improvement in performance and capability

How We Helped

NewLeaf International has been successfully working with a multi-national client at their manufacturing plants across the world. In Jakarta we are helping to deliver significant business improvement in performance and capability across the operation.

NewLeaf has engaged with staff from across the organisation; senior operational managers, engineers, line leaders and their teams.  Central to the work has been the development by the site team of a strong operating system to ensure the effective management of the daily processes.

“NewLeaf understood that sustainability is not based on better tools but on forming new habits in people to drive change. Having understood this they were flexible enough to take their method of coaching and completely changing it to fit in with our requirements of different countries and different cultures.   During the delivery of the programmes, constant review means that course delivery is adjusted frequently to ensure best outcomes.   The focus on attitude change, coupled from an understanding of delivering business benefits as part of the programmes ensure “happiness” of all levels of the organisation”.
Angelos Angelidis
Global Transformational Change Manager

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