NewLeaf holds its first forum on Transformational Change...

29 November 2018

New Leaf International holds its first forum on Transformational Change and Business Improvement!

On November 6th NewLeaf International held its first interactive forum on Transformational Change and Business Improvement. The event, designed for small groups of people, had a maximum of 12 participants. Attendees were made up of existing clients, old clients and people new to the NewLeaf business. They came from different industries and business sectors, such as Manufacturing, Service Industries and Finance.


The participants were either senior leaders or held “change agent” positions such as Continuous or Business Improvement Managers.

The key to the success of the day was that each participant brought a real-life issue or opportunity from their current work situation and each situation was worked during the forum.

The day was a combination of beneficial discussions, small group exercises and facilitation by our Managing Director, Martin Gummery.


Throughout the day, were based upon the NewLeaf International’s “Principles of Implementing Transformational Change”. These were constantly on view during the forum and referred to as and when addressing issues or opportunities identified by participants.

It was clear that although people came from different backgrounds and different roles the common situations everyone had were very similar and a lot of learning was created by sharing experiences with each other. Although tools and techniques are important it was clear that every organisation has people, and managing the people through change was core to everyone’s individual challenges.

Feedback on the day was great and was clearly something refreshing and different from a typical training day on Change Management!

The attendees of the day didn’t want to leave things there…

Due to the success of the day we are now setting up a social platform for this group to continue to discuss and learn from each other. We are excited to get started making plans for other forums in 2019, both as follow-ons to this day and also inviting new groups of people. If you are interested and don’t wish to miss out please contact us…

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