Do You Think You Could Get More From Your Work Teams?

Are you a Manager who……?

  • Feel your people are very good individually but not as a team?
  • Feel your people struggle to work inter-departmentally?
  • Need to improve the situation, but keep putting it off to some point in the future?

We see many companies with these challenges who are looking for a way forward…

At NewLeaf International Ltd we understand that there needs to be a balance between giving people the right infrastructure, while simultaneously developing their capability (Knowledge, Skills and Attitude). So, we build Integrated Programmes with a key component…. Team Building.

We have recently been working with a client on a programme with three key outputs, deliver tangible results, increase the capability of the team, and shift the culture to one of Continuous Improvement.

The programme was designed to take a diverse group of managers from the organisation and set some challenging projects to be delivered over a fixed time. (see model below).

By building teams from different areas of the business, who may never have worked together, we started to develop a common understanding of the various perspectives and potential solutions. Also, implementation methods need to be agreed to meet the Projects scope and timeline.

This process of working on real business opportunities in a different way from normal practice helps create a more collaborative and engaging culture.

The relationships established and sense of achievement from the results delivered begins the process of changing the culture to a more empowered, problem solving mentality.

How does NewLeaf International Ltd deliver this change for our clients?

Through a series of workshops, designed to develop capability required projects progress, key tools and techniques are learned and applied in an enjoyable and creative environment.

These tools and techniques include “Chartering” of projects, making meetings more effective, the “Six Components of a Team” and building “The 10 Sustainability Systems” into implementation. These sessions are designed to coincide with the participants needs as their projects progress.

Also, the workshops are sequenced to bring key leadership learning in real time in line with the project status.

Moving the thinking of the project teams from “task” to a more “process” mentality, through “The Lifecycle of an Initiative” (see below) further engages the team into the wider business, ensuring collaboration to meet the Project Scope.

Some of this is through 1:1 Coaching Sessions and Project Implementation Support Sessions.

What changes do you see?

A programme, such as the one described above, always delivers the tangible results required by the business through the delivery of the projects, but more importantly it also delivers:

  • A better understanding of the business processes, and culture by all involved.
  • By working as a diverse group considerable learning about the interdependencies and complexities of the business are shared.
  • Improved interdepartmental relationships. Sharing success in achievements with colleagues builds relationships which last long after the projects are completed.
  • Improved capability of individuals and teams.
  • The skills which have been developed and applied as a vehicle to learn by doing in the projects last beyond the project timeframe and are applied regularly in various day to day business situations.

It works!

By tailoring programmes to their specific business needs, we work with our clients to improve business results, develop the capability of the organisation, and change the culture by increasing ownership and collaboration within teams.

This improves individual and team performance by removing “siloed thinking” and behaviours, focuses the work teams on the business needs, not just their individual challenges, and builds relationships to sustain improvements and methods of working for future challenges.

Contact me for more details or an informal discussion based upon our approaches.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Danny Goldie, Operations Director, NewLeaf International Ltd


Tel: 01905 425209

Danny Goldie is the Operations Director at NewLeaf International and runs several “Integrated Improvement Programmes” for various clients.