Do You or Your Organisation Struggle to Make Important Things Happen?

Experience shows that no matter what the country, industry or organisational culture, many organisations struggle with make the right things happen at the right time, despite everyone being very busy. Does that ring a bell?

There is a big delusion. ……“KNOWING is not DOING

People who KNOW a lot about the organisation’s systems, issues, problems and challenges do not always feel capable of DOING what is required.

These individuals in organisations are gold mines. Harnessing their expertise, knowledge and improvement ideas can be hugely beneficial in improving performance and achieving results. If we want to unlock this potential improvement in the Business, for you and your people, we need to understand why some employees KNOW but are not DOING.

Why does this happen? And what can be done?

In my experience there are two reasons for this:

  1. The individual lacks the skills or confidence to resolve the issues, and / or
  2. The work environment restricts the organisations ability to change

Below are a few tips on making important things happen NOW…!

What to do next?

 If you are of the view that:

  • You have great people, but their performance is not matching their potential
  • You are not getting the improvement ideas you would expect from your Teams
  • Decision making is slower in your business than it needs to be
  • Internal processes are restricting performance rather than enhancing it
  • Changing internal processes makes everyone weary