Continuous Improvement in Nigera

What are the ingredients for sustaining, continuous improvement in a large manufacturing plant?

Over the last two years NewLeaf International has worked with a multi-national client in their manufacturing operations near Lagos to help them deliver improved performance. With monthly visits we have helped them with the development of organisational capability.

We have done this by;

·Building the capability of the operational infrastructure. Tools, Methods and Techniques.

·Building the capability of the operational individuals and teams.

Both of these things worked on together is the key to the success of this programme.

Facilitating Teams

By prioritising improvement projects across all areas and working to engage small internal teams, we have enabled the results to be owned and led by the business. Also, we have been partnering with senior management to steer and achieve sustainable improvement.

Individual leaders and teams have been challenged to do things differently. A process of review has been established to review not only what” has been done but also how” it is done. Milestones for progress have been celebrated along the way.

The economic situation in Nigeria has been challenging but the client has held firm and committed to the programme and as a result has continued to build capability as their competitors have fallen away.