Last month I started my new series by highlighting the very early learning I gained immediately I became a manager at Procter and Gamble. I was in learning mode right from the start because I hadn’t planned to be a manager and didn’t have any preconceived expectations like many of my contemporises had. I knew I had to learn and it taught me that my whole career (and life!) was a learning process.

I shared three key learning points last month…

Reflections on 30 years of change management and business improvement consultancy 

At NewLeaf International we pride ourselves on providing solutions for our clients based on a variety of influences including our worldwide experience of Organisational Development…

Easing of restrictions means things are opening up more and more… but with the same efficiency and success? Read our latest blog from Martin to stop the cycle of bad habits and ensure successful management.

Are you under pressure to get more from your business in shorter amounts of time?

“Is your organisation thinking straight!”

I guess we have all seen it……. a person who is on “Transmit” and has a mission to tell us everything he/she knows about a topic. Have you had a lecturer like that? As a one off it can be comical…….

Read our latest blog from Operations Director, Danny Goldie

Taking too long, losing their way, not meeting their  full potential, or becoming political pawns within your organisation?Read our latest blog…

Identify what’s important, align your calendar to your priorities and use your time efficiently

Written by Matthew Moxon, our latest blog looks at the four learning styles, based on David Kolb’s original work, read what an insight it is your team and organisation.

Read our latest blog from our MD, Martin, to see understand the Hierachy of Systems…

Part 9 “Disregarding the Domino Effect”

Part 11 “Lack of Facilitation”

Part 10 “Inappropriate or Lack of Leadership”

Part 8 “Employee Resistance”

Part 7 “The Fear of Failure”

Part 6 “The Legacy of Previous Change”

Our latest blog from Senior Consultant, Donal Murphy

When to Use (And When Not To)

Part Ten of our series “The Principles of Implementing Transformational Change.”

Part Eight of our series “The Principles of Implementing Transformational Change”.

Part Seven of our series; “The Principles of Implementing Transformational Change

Part Five of our series “The Principles of Implementing Transformational Change”.

Part Four of our series “The Principles of Implementing Transformational Change”.

Part three of our series The Principles of Implementing Transformational Change.

A detailed overview of Part 2 of our Diagram ‘Principles of Implementing Transformational Change.’

A detailed, clear break down of each phase resulting in new thinking!

Read more…

We would like to invite you to our forum event in March 2019. Please read our blog for all information and book your space!

Think twice before you consider a matrix type organisation. Is it the right organisation for your type of business?

Find out by reading more…

Read the first of our installments explaining Part 1 of The Principles of Implementing Transformational Change.

On November 6th NewLeaf International held its first interactive forum on Transformational Change and Business Improvement. The event, designed for small groups of people, had a maximum of 12 participants. Attendees were made up of existing clients, old clients and people new to the NewLeaf business.

Meet the Team: Danny Goldie

Danny has spent many years in Senior Management positions for a major international company. His career began as a Production Engineer and he has held various roles in Operations and Business Improvement before moving into General Management running the countrywide business....

Simple Models Make it So Much Easier to Understand...

“A picture tells a thousand…!”
In a recent programme with Senior Managers in the Finance Industry, we facilitated work sessions to construct a strategy for continuous improvement within a certain part of their business.

How Roles in Organisations Can Resemble Football Clubs

To work efficiently everyone in organisations must know their roles and how those roles contribute to common objectives.

Traits Seen in Great Facilitators of Transformational Change

So, let’s first define Transformational Change. The term “change” is used in many different ways and often creates confusion when we all have differing assumptions about what it means.

How To Prevent a Tsunami of Panic!

I’ve met many managers who are struggling to manage their time and end up with critical activities planned at very short notice and then that creates a domino effect for the rest of their time...

Letters From Our Man in Asia

"NewLeaf offers a unique approach to Change Management and Business Improvement, and a great example of this is the ongoing programme we’ve designed and I’m currently delivering to one of our global clients in Indonesia.

How To Manage Work Systems, Not Behaviors...

System thinkers are still too few and far between, especially in organisations where managers and leaders at all levels of the business...

What “System Thinkers” think!

NewLeaf International, the leading Transformational Change Management and Business Improvement consultancy group has at the heart of its operational ethos the philosophy of “Systems Thinking”.

The Real Dynamics of Transformational Change

The Real Dynamics of Transformational Change. (Notes for Business Improvement Consultants…) Companies and large organisations embark on changing their culture for one of two reasons...

Have you still got a pit stop mentality?

One of the challenges in manufacturing is switching the machinery and the operation around from making one product to the next product as efficiently as possible.

Continuous Improvement in Nigeria

What are the ingredients for sustaining, continuous improvement in a large manufacturing plant?

Analysing organisations? Think “hard” and “soft” systems.

If you’re analysing your organisation you need to look at it using both sides of the brain!

Nothing new, just solid discipline

I spend most of my time these days coaching senior managers in large multi-national organisations. This usually takes the shape of an intense 4-5 hour day per month...

What Sets Us Apart?

1. We are truly passionate about making a difference in organisations and businesses across the world. None of us see working at NewLeaf International or in clients businesses as merely a career move to retirement or lifestyle choice