Are You Finding It Difficult To Get Things Done During Lockdown?

Are you one of the managers who……?

  • Is having difficulties managing teams remotely?
  • Has teams challenging priorities in the business?
  • Is busy managing conflicts which is restricting team effectiveness?

We see this more than ever… especially in these strange times!

At NewLeaf International we understand that to improve a situation there needs to be a balance between giving people the right infrastructure while simultaneously developing their capability. (Knowledge, Skills and Attitude)

The picture above illustrates the relationship between completing tasks, having the right capability and infrastructure.

So, what do NewLeaf do to help?

I have recently been working with clients to help them manage their way through these challenging times, helping them implement some small steps to provide focus, prioritise effectively and deliver results.

I want to share those tips with you…..

The diagram above demonstrates:

  • The importance for all managers to have the information and tools required to plan and give direction.
  • The need for personal aids such as an effective use of their diary and to do lists, coupled with their personal development plans (PDPs)
  • Examples of appropriate infrastructure such as meetings for their teams and on a 1:1 individual basis, along with informal chats

I have recently been coaching managers using this diagram to successfully implement these fundamentals, while developing their skills, attitude and discipline in applying them.

My Key Steps When Coaching Others

1. Identify what is important.

 What are the key priorities for you now, for this month or this year?

Use these priorities to align the Team on where everyone should be spending their time.

2. Align your calendar to the priorities.

 Have you allocated the appropriate time to achieving what is required?

Or are you trying to fit in what is important to your day?

Review your calendar and remove anything which is not delivering what you have agreed as important. Build in time at appropriate frequencies for key tasks and meetings.

You need to ensure you have allocated preparation time, time for doing the work and reviewing performance.

Then stay disciplined and protect your calendar, this is what is required to deliver what is important.

3. Use the time efficiently.

 Do your meetings lack focus, demonstrate poor preparation, run over time?

Take time to focus your meetings, use clear Purpose, Objectives and Agendas when planning.

  • Purpose, why are you having this meeting?
  • Objectives, by the end of this meeting what do you want as outcomes?
  • Agenda, steps to deliver objectives

This will ensure attendees are clear why they need to be in the meeting and what they need to prepare.

Attendees should bring what is required to deliver the objectives, not everything they have been doing.

In the meeting stay disciplined to POA and always ensure actions are tracked for accountability.

What do you get?

 Putting the elements of the model into practice will give you;

  • Alignment of the team to what is important and how to deliver it
  • Improved time management, removal of noise and distractions
  • Efficient execution of tasks and activities with a focus on results

It works!

Our clients have seen considerable improvements during lockdown and are delighted with the results. You will too.

Doing this for yourself will bring clarity, focus and improve performance

Having your teams do this will align them to the objectives of the business or department and improve performance.

This will build discipline during lockdown which will pay dividends when we all get back to working face to face.

Danny Goldie, Managing Consultant, NewLeaf International Ltd

T: 01925 425209