The Four Golden Rules (For running training workshops)

What Are The Four Golden Rules?

Give the group permission to give you control

  • Establish rapport
  • Gain credibility
  • Capture attention
  • Identify benefits
  • Set ground rules
  • Explain agenda
  • Lead group behaviour
  • Set the “group culture” 

 Act 100% committed to participant learning

  • Focus on trainee
  • Build relationships
  • Sensitivity to participant’s needs (flexibility)
  • Listen with intent to understand, not to reply
  • Act as a “team player” – not as an individual after the glory
  • Draw out errors in their thinking

Take decisions, not votes, on processes

  • Observe the effectiveness of the course process
  • Modify process to maximum learning
  • Ask participants if the course is working for them
  • DO NOT allow the group to dictate the process

 Train content to move group forward

  • Define objectives for each session
  • Keep discussions relevant to the subject
  • Refocus group on content to gain control

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