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Individual Development for Senior Sales Director, UK and Ireland

How We Helped

NewLeaf International conducts 1:1 coaching and develop programmes for Senior Managers. In this instance, our Managing Director ran a series of monthly sessions that combined his experience with the Directors needs and business objectives. It was unique that it combined development with delivering business results thus focusing on tangible results and “soft skill” improvements

The outline process was:

·         Understand current strengths and improvement opportunities

·         Combining personal appraisal output; create a customised Personal Development Plan (PDP) to align key objectives with the processes/methods to be used and the soft skills to practice, whilst “Learning by Doing”

·         Formed a Project Charter for Director to lead a European project involving peers from five different countries. A key objective for the business

·         Monthly work sessions combining updates and learning from the past month and planning for the following month, updating PDP as we go

Example of a PDP (for confidentiality this is not the actual PDP)

JW blog

Key Facts

  • Personal and confidential
  • Totally customised to address the individual’s needs and the current issues
  • Totally customised to address the individual’s needs and the current issues
  • Personal development linked with clear tangible results

Current Results

  • Soft skills enhanced
  • Clear structure to delivering a key business “product launch” and other projects
  • Gain respect from other European colleagues
  • Meetings tighter and more effective
  • Time management improved
  • Feedback from colleagues and boss outstanding
  • Request to broaden the process to others

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